What is it?
The Kitchen is a writing workshop series centred around coming together in each other’s kitchens to share stories.  Life is busy. It isn’t always easy to get to know the people in your neighbourhood. The old-fashioned popping over for a cuppa is still celebrated but rarely achieved.

The Kitchen is about celebrating family histories and stories and recording these in the written form.  Each workshop will be attended by established Kiwi writers who will share thoughts, tips and experiences of their own. They will also show you how to write the stories you’ve been meaning to write!!

The Kitchen is about the pleasure of writing and eating and sharing. It is about celebrating each other’s stories and making new connections between neighbours.

How does it work?
Once you sign up, you will be invited to meet at a local kitchen with up to 9 others to share food and stories. You will be asked to bring a small dish of finger food to share.  If you would like to volunteer to host in your kitchen, you are welcome to!

You will also be invited to 2 half-day workshops (on days to be advised at a local community hall) which will encourage you to explore your writing further.

You are encouraged to submit a small piece of writing for publication on a poster to be displayed in a local shop through the month of July.  The writing plus a special family recipe will also be published in an ebook.

How much does it cost?
The Kitchen is funded by Whau and Albert-Eden Local Boards and is completely FREE. All it will cost you is a plate of food and your love and time.

Do I need any writing experience?
The workshops cater for everyone from complete beginners to experienced writers.

Is there any set genre?
Our tutors come from many genres including novel writing, poetry, non fiction, short fiction, theatre and graphic novels.  During the workshops they will share their knowledge and tips while encouraging you to write in any genre that you feel comfortable trying.

Who can participate?
Anyone who is interested who has a connection to the Whau or Albert-Eden Local Board area.  You have a connection if you live, work or play or have a family link to the area.

You should be 15 or over to participate. Babes in arms are welcome to attend with parents.

How about food allergies or food preferences?
Because this is open to people of all cultures and traditions, please be aware that food allergies cannot be catered for and that we cannot ensure that dishes are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free.  We will ensure that each dish is labelled with their ingredients; and of course you are welcome to bring something that you prefer to eat!!

When will the events take place?
There are a range of dates the events will take place, these are listed in the sign up form.  You can specify when you are available to participate.
Every Kitchen event (not including the plenaries) will take place on a Saturday or Sunday from 12-3pm. You can arrive from 11.45. If you are hosting the event, please allow half an hour before and after for the producer (Renee, Hannah or Makyla) to arrive and set up, and a half hour afterwards for us to clean up (ie. 11.15am -3.30pm)

I’d like to host in my kitchen. What do I need to know?

That is wonderful!  There is a separate form to fill and we will be in touch by phone or email to pick the best date and time.  You will be inviting up to 11 friendly people into your home – 9 other participants, a writer, and one of the producers (Hannah, Makyla or Renee). The producers will make sure everything runs smoothly, and you get to set the rules – ie which areas of the house guests can access, and any house rules (shoes off at door etc). All events are non smoking.

We need to be able to access an area where people can heat up and/or serve food, a toilet and somewhere for people to wash their hands, and an area (outside or a lounge if the kitchen is small) where people can eat and share stories.

We will look after health and safety and assist with clean up as necessary.  We will also bring additional items such as tea, coffee and milk so that all you are providing is the use of your home.

Get in touch via our contact page or our email if you have further questions – thekitchenNZ@gmail.com

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